Firefox on a Network

So, at work we’ve recently decided to go to a brand new virtual learning environment – which uses flash-based “apps” to give their user interface, alongside WordPress, and Google apps. Alongside this, we have been finding that users are having awful problems actually using the product in Internet Explorer. IE9 breaks everything, to the point where it is totally unusable – and IE8 is, well… IE8.

After a discussion with the VLE’s technical team, they suggested that we use Firefox as an alternative to Internet Explorer. So – it was passed onto me to roll out Firefox over the whole network.

So – I start off with FrontMotion Firefox, which sadly just doesn’t quite cut it with me for some reason, as we kept having problems with deploying it via GPO – so I set to work on the raw install file from Mozilla themselves.

As it happens, the deployment isn’t too bad at all – you’ll need a mozilla.cfg, and the various other files which point to that file, and create things in the user’s profile folder.

All you need to then do is use scripts to run the installer in silent mode, then copy across the config files to the program files folder.

If you later need to update any of the config files – these can just be copied back across and overwritten!

If you want to have a look at my Firefox package – click here and download the zip file. If you do use it, a comment to the article would be greatly appreciated to say where and how you’ve used it!

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