About me

IT has always been a passion of mine, right back to when I was a child, playing with a Commodore 64, and always been taking things apart to see how they work – much to my parents’ annoyance!

My career in IT started at my work experience, when after being turned down for work at the local radio station, I spent two weeks working at the local computer shop, where I built my first computer. From there, I got my first job, working weekends building, fixing and selling computers, as well as offering impartial advice to customers via a variety of mediums. Unfortunately after over 2 years’ service, the business closed due to bankruptcy.

From here, I went on to work at the Royal Bank of Scotland, in their Online Banking Support team, supporting the personal/small business online banking systems over the telephone, across the whole of the Group (RBS/RBS Offshore, NatWest/NatWest Offshore, Isle of Man Bank, Tesco, First Active, and Ulster Bank), as well as providing general information and support to NatWest customers via email. During my time here, I also was given the responsibility of training new members of staff on a 1-1 basis, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

I left the bank after 18 months service, and moved to London, to study at university, where I studied Computer Networking, including the Cisco CCNA curriculum, alongside other modules. Unfortunately, personal issues arose that meant that I could not complete the course after two and a half years. I do plan to finish my degree in the near future, however.

After coming back to Harrogate, my headteacher from my old secondary school rang me out of the blue, and asked if I would go in for a couple of weeks to assist the network support team, as they had recently installed a new network, upgrading to Windows 7, and unfortunately the issues remaining as term started were vast – and they simply could not cope. After a week, I was offered a 12-month contract to stay.
At Rossett, I changed the way support was given to staff, by installing a helpdesk system and having this adopted, and highly commended by senior members of staff, as well as being universally loved by staff.
I also led the way in a vast refurbishment of the computer hardware, upgrading the systems to Intel Atom components, saving energy, and money – both in the short and long term, with an approximate £250 per workstation saving initially, with further energy and efficiency savings further down the line.
Whilst I was at Rossett, we also installed the latest Aerohive wireless solution, and Extreme Networks switches, which was a huge challenge, but achieved as a roaring success.
The school also purchased a large number of iPads, which I lead the way in managing, deploying and supporting, including leading numerous staff training sessions, and liaising directly with senior management.

After my year at Rossett, I decided it was time to move on, and I am currently in the process of moving back to London to work with Big Blue Support, as a field IT technician.

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